7 October 202326. November

Zsuzsi Ujj

“No one can break my wings anymore”

Courtesy of the artist and acb Gallery, from the Irokéz Collection and other private collections, will be opened in the presence of the curator Mónika Zombori.

In Hungary, the underground art of the 1980s took place mainly in private venues, in front of a small audience. After they were made, these works of art did not receive any publicity, they were displayed in small galleries at most, leaving them largely unreflected. Zsuzsi Ujj’s art is a particularly obvious example of this trend. She received no attention outside her narrow circle of friends; her work was presented in two exhibitions at Liget Gallery, but was essentially unknown to the art world of the 1980s.
Zsuzsi Ujj has been creating in several genres simultaneously. She started writing lyrics at the beginning of the 1980s and making photographs in 1986. Her photographic output is confined to a few years only, she gave it up in 1991. Thereafter she became known as the founder vocalist of the band Csókolom. Zsuzsi Ujj’s photographic and musical careers have gone hand in hand and have had a significant impact on each other. The title of the exhibition is a quote from one of her lyrics from 1987; as in her songs, so in her photographs, she is searching for love, talking about sexuality and desire with her self-conscious, unstoppably rebellious attitude.

On view till 26 of November, 2023, every day except for Mondays and holidays, between 11-19h. More details: www.magma.ro

The event is part of the 3rd VISOR Photo Festival of Szeklerland program series.