The museum has renewed its visual identity

In addition to the modernisation of the main building and the park of the Székely National Museum designed by Károly Kós, the image of the institution has also been renewed. A milestone in the museum’s nearly 150-year history is the fact that the building complex, originally designed as a museum but recently rehabilitated, has been converted into spaces that meet contemporary museological needs and will soon house exhibitions with a completely new approach. In line with this, the need to create a visual identity that takes the museum heritage as a starting point, but also embraces modern trends, has become urgent.

Art director and visual artist Vilmos Koter designed the new logo of the museum based on the visual elements of the building and its collections, referring to the traditions and identity of the Székely people. The new logo, which is a clean-cut design based on the initials of the museum’s name, recalls the specific shape of the headstones, reminiscent of the splitting of wood. The basic colour of the new logo is Mary’s blue, the shade used by painters in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to paint the Virgin Mary’s dress. This colour, which symbolises devotion and glorification, is now used in online and offline communication, and is also reflected on the new website. The website will be constantly updated and will provide general information, news, events and exhibitions.