The main museum building is open to the public again

After several years of rehabilitation works, the main building and the park of the Székely National Museum in Kós Károly Street can be visited again. On 26 October, the new exhibition spaces will be opened at a ceremony, visitors will be able to explore the dendrological park in autumn colours, the Pottyandi landscape house, the renewed headstone storage and the stone vault.

The historic building offers modern exhibitions, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of experience.

Our Milestones exhibition traces the museum’s journey from its founding to the present day. Highlighted artefacts and stories told in new digital ways are waiting for those who want to learn from the museum in a playful way.

The temporary exhibition “Geniuses behind the heroes” presents the events of the War of Independence in the Tricity, the struggle for self-defence and the organisation of its military industry, but also the events in the hinterland of the Revolution, the geniuses behind the heroes and the self-sacrificing community behind them, also in a new approach.