27 October 202328 March 2024

Geniuses behind the heroes

Háromszék in the 1848–1849 War of Independence

The Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-1849 is one of the defining events in Hungarian history. Its aim was to achieve independence and national self-determination, establish a constitutional framework, and secure individual freedoms and rights. With its reforms, it also set in motion the civil transformation of Hungarian society. It was organically related to the European revolutions in 1848, but it was only here that successful military resistance was achieved.

After a summer filled with natural disasters and epidemics, Háromszék decided to prepare for self-defense in November 1848. They organized the supply of their troops and established one of the largest military-industrial centers in the region using local resources.

Self-defense mobilized the entire society, with children, women, and men alike participating in the production of war materials, not only with manual labor but also with financial sacrifices.

Our exhibition aims to commemorate the community solidarity that arose in the autumn of 1848, focusing on the episodes that led to the establishment of its most crucial elements, the military industry and the cannon casting.